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in Fort Worth, TX

At VO Vets Animal Hospital, our mission is to give your pet the best possible care so they can enjoy their best life with you. We are committed to delivering an exceptional veterinary experience and better health outcomes for our patients. To support this endeavor, we are accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). As an AAHA accredited veterinarian here in Fort Worth, TX, we are able to act on our promises, complying with over 900 standards to ensure we are practicing the highest standard of medicine all day, every day.

What Does AAHA Mean for You and Your Pet?

AAHA is the only existing accrediting organization for animal hospitals in the US. Since its founding in 1933, AAHA has given accreditation status to roughly 12-15% of all practices in North America. Pursuing accreditation is a voluntary undertaking and requires the commitment of all veterinarians and team members to succeed.

But what does this all mean for you and your pet? There are 900+ reasons to choose an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, and here are just a few examples of what we do here at VO Vets Animal Hospital to give your pet the highest quality care:

  • Our veterinarians and support staff are trained to handle pets gently and with less restraint, which helps to reduce patient stress
  • We make pain assessments a routine aspect of every pet examination
  • We follow a pre-surgical assessment checklist to ensure the highest level of safety for your pet
  • We have staff members trained in pet CPR
  • We provide careful monitoring of all patients while they are under anesthesia for surgery or a teeth cleaning procedure

See the Difference an AAHA Accredited Veterinarian Makes

The best way to see how AAHA benefits you and your pet is to experience it for yourself. We also encourage you to visit aaha.org if you want to learn more! Our team is also happy to answer any questions you have about our AAHA accreditation.

Let VO Vets Animal Hospital treat your pet to the highest standard of care.

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