Bird Care

Avian Veterinarian in Keller, TX

VO Vets is happy to help you take care of your parakeet, cockatiel, or other exotic bird. We can also see chickens! Click below to learn more about what we recommend to keep your bird (or birds) healthy.

Important things exotic birds need to be cared for properly:

Our bird veterinarians can treat parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, and a variety of other exotic birds. We recommend annual exams to make sure your pet is staying healthy, and to check for any signs of a potential illness. If your bird is eating less than usual, plucking their feathers, sitting at the bottom of their cage, or fluffing up their feathers, they might be sick and in need of treatment.

exotic pet care in Keller, TX

Things your chicken needs to stay happy and healthy include:

Your chicken should be examined annually by one of our veterinarians. In addition to making sure they are in good health, we can check for signs of illness and address them with an appropriate treatment plan. If your chicken is eating less or not eating at all, or is unusually quiet and fluffed up or not producing as many eggs, contact us so we can help.

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