Small Mammal Care in Keller, TX

Essential aspects of your rabbit’s ongoing care include:

Rabbits need to see their vet for an annual exam so we can assess their health, check for signs of illness, and answer your questions related to their care. Whether you need advice about which kind of hay to feed your rabbit or are considering bringing another rabbit into the family, we’re here to help.

What your rat needs to stay happy and healthy:

Rats have short lifespans, so their health can change very quickly. They should see us for an exam at least once a year so we can check their weight, heart, and lungs, and look for any physical abnormalities. Some signs of illness in rats include decreased appetite or loss of appetite, decreased activity, and passing less stool or not passing stool at all. Contact our hospital right away if you have concerns about your rat’s health.

Things your chinchilla needs for a long and healthy life:

We want to see your chinchilla at least once a year for a thorough wellness exam. During the exam we can address any concerns or questions you have, check to make sure your pet is healthy, and provide treatment if we find any health issues. We also recommend that you call us right away if your chinchilla is not acting like themselves. This may include eating less/not eating at all, difficulty passing feces, and appearing hunched and uncomfortable.

Essentials your guinea pig needs to enjoy a healthy life with you include:

Annual exams are a must for guinea pigs because they give our team the chance to detect early warning signs of sickness sooner. We want to make sure your guinea pig is staying healthy, getting the right nutrients and living in an enriching environment at home. If you have any questions about your guinea pig’s health or behavior, the team at VO Vets is qualified to help.

What do sugar gliders need to be healthy and happy?

Like other pets, sugar gliders need to see their vet annually for a full wellness checkup. Along with assessing your pet’s overall health, we also need to look for any signs of sickness and address those signs quickly to prevent the development of a potentially life-threatening illness. Sugar gliders may conceal their symptoms, so regular exams are integral to catching health problems in time.

hamster veterinarian in Fort Worth, TX

To take good care of your pet hamster, they need:

We want to ensure the healthiest, longest life possible for your pet hamster. Ideally, they should come in at least once a year so we can perform a physical examination and make sure there aren’t any problems. If your hamster has been eating less or showing changes in their behavior, contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Here are some important things your hedgehog needs to be well cared for:

We recommend annual wellness exams for hedgehogs so we can touch base with you to see how your pet is doing, and if you have any questions or concerns about their health. Our team can also offer guidance to help you choose the best diet, housing, toys, and more so your hedgehog can stay active and happy.

Important things your ferret needs so they can enjoy their best life with you:

Ferrets need to see our vets at least once a year for their wellness exam, blood work, and vaccinations. Signs of illness in ferrets include loss of appetite, weight loss, difficulty breathing, coughing and wheezing, vomiting, and lethargy. If you see any of these signs in your ferret, call our hospital right away to schedule an exam.

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