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Cats are different from dogs in all kinds of ways, and they need veterinary care that caters more specifically to these differences. VO Vets is a certified Cat Friendly Practice, offering care, treatment, and an overall experience tailored to felines. Our cat veterinarians and staff are trained to better understand your pet’s unique needs, behaviors, and temperament so they can receive the best care in a stress-free environment.

What Makes a Practice Cat Friendly?

Characteristics of our Cat Friendly Practice include:

Advanced Training: Our veterinarians and staff underwent specialized training in feline handling and behavior to ensure a gentle and understanding approach to their treatment.

Feline-Only Spaces: We provide separate waiting areas and examination rooms exclusively for cats, minimizing their exposure to potential stressors such as strange sounds and smells.

Fear-Free Practices: Our approach is aligned with Fear-Free veterinary practices, focusing on reducing fear, anxiety, and stress during each visit.

Calming Techniques: We implement techniques to create a soothing environment, such as utilizing pheromone diffusers, spraying pheromones on blankets and surfaces, and using gentle, minimal handling methods.

Educational Resources: We empower cat owners with educational resources on at-home cat care, vet visit preparations, nutrition, and behavior to strengthen bonds and our patients’ quality of life.

The Benefits of Choosing a Cat Friendly Vet


The less stressed your feline family member is about going to the vet, the healthier they can be, and that can take some stress off your shoulders, too.


Cats benefit from routine veterinary visits and preventative care. While they may have a natural tendency to live longer than most dogs, they can still develop serious illnesses in their lifetime. When it’s less stressful to visit the vet, you and your cat will have an easier time coming in for routine appointments and making sure they get the treatment they need.


Stress can often get between a pet and its owner, leading to an uneasy relationship. Cat Friendly Practices like VO Vets can help to mend these issues by offering a calming environment designed to minimize fear, anxiety, and stress. A cat that is relaxed and content is a happy cat, and they’ll feel more trusting towards you and your vet.

Have questions about our Cat Friendly status? Want to see for yourself? Give us a call at (682) 350-8890 today!

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