Pain Relief for Cats

Pain Relief for Cats in Texas

No one wants to see their beloved companion in pain. When your cat is in pain, whether from an injury, surgery, or arthritis, it impacts their quality of life. At VO Vets Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to diagnosing and providing pain relief for cats with the highest level of care.

Diagnostic Excellence for More Effective Treatment

Understanding the cause of your cat’s discomfort is the first step to effective treatment. Our cutting-edge X-ray technology allows us to look beneath the surface and accurately diagnose various conditions that could be causing your cat pain. This critical step ensures that we choose the most effective treatment plan tailored to your cat’s needs. Depending on the diagnosis, our veterinarians may prescribe one of the following medications:


Recently approved for use in cats, Solensia targets osteoarthritis pain and helps your cat move more freely and comfortably.


Ideal for short-term pain and inflammation management, Onsior is often used post-surgery or for injury-related pain.

Before prescribing these medications, we perform preventative bloodwork to assess your cat’s health prior to treatment and to prevent any potential complications.

Alternative Therapies for Your Feline

At VO Vets Animal Hospital, we believe in a holistic approach to pain management and pain relief for cats. In addition to traditional medications, we offer:


This ancient practice has been adapted for pets to help relieve pain and improve overall well-being by stimulating specific points on the body.

Chiropractic Care

Our team is currently training in veterinary chiropractic care, which can be an effective complementary treatment for pain management, particularly for spinal issues.
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